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Every month, we select some of the most interesting, popular, or even underserved posts that we think are adding the most value to readers. Featured posts get a big boost in traffic.


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As much as the content matters to get readers, so does the way that the page looks. Work with our preset templates to organize your thoughts in an attractive way.


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If you are ahead of the game, do your work in advance and set times for it to post, so that you can dole out posts at the pace you want readers to receive them.


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We highly encourage both our audience to engage with posts and our writers to engage with their audience. We have even had people go from commenter to blogger themselves.

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My personal blogging journey started with a written journal. I was tired of forgetting things and decided to start recording my thoughts in a journal. After going back to the journals, I realized that there was something to say in there. I started my first blog and failed miserably. I had a hard time getting people onto my site.


Now, I am passing along my best tips for starting a blog to make sure that the next generation does not have to make my same mistakes. I realized early that community is important and creating a network of blogs allows us all to rise together. Working to co-promote each other’s content, we are able to reach a huge community.

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We have found that 55% of readers come back to our blogs, which is a fairly high number.

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