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My personal blogging journey started with a written journal. I was tired of forgetting things and decided to start recording my thoughts in a journal. After going back to the journals, I realized that there was something to say in there. I started my first blog and failed miserably. I had a hard time getting people onto my site.

Now, I am passing along my best tips for starting a blog to make sure that the next generation does not have to make my same mistakes. I realized early that community is important and creating a network of blogs allows us all to rise together. Working to co-promote each other’s content, we are able to reach a huge community.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can write about literally everything, but maybe try writing a few sample posts to get an idea of your voice and see if there is a pattern of what you are talking about. Otherwise, a general blog is fine.

This is the big mystery, but we offer tips to drive traffic. First, you can promote your site yourself. Second, we highlight certain blogs when the content is great. Third, working with other writers, you can promote each other’s content to get traffic for all.

We offer writing classes to help our bloggers and also have editors available for some additional cost.

Early in the morning is best because you have a good chance to get picked up over the day.

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