Before or After Labor Day, Back to School Is Coming

Before or After Labor Day, Back to School Is Coming

Back to school changes across state lines and sometimes within districts in the same city. For some it means starting school after Labor Day while others start school before. It all depends on where you are located and what school district you are in for that year. I remember when I was in middle school I would get President’s Day off every year. Then for high school I switched school districts and we stopped getting President’s Day off which was a real bummer. But I was happy to know that I was able to get out of school earlier than my friends who started school after Labor Day and got President’s Day off. It is a tricky situation, but ultimately it does not matter when you start school, all that matters is that you are prepared to kick things off like a Sunday night football game. 

Don’t Miss Orientation

Being on summer vacation means that you do not want to think about school until it is time to start your classes no matter if you start before or after Labor Day. But when you are starting a new school, it behooves you to go to orientation. There is a reason why the school requires all students attend an orientation. This is because you are going to learn pertinent information that is going to make you transition a lot smoother. You do not want to be lost or confused and then ask a dumb, simple question that was answered during orientation. That is not the start that you want to begin with on your first day of school. Think of orientation as your true first day where you learn the ins and outs of the school while also meeting some of your new friends for the up coming school year. 

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Summer vacation is arguably one of the easiest times in a human’s life. All you ahve to worry about is doing your chores and making sure you stay on your parent’s good side. Life is fantastic and you do not have to worry about homework, tests or quizzes. But don’t you fret, things are going to come sneaking up on you before you know it so you need to get in the right mental space. Most schools will help you do this by providing summer reading. Take it from me, do not skip out on your summer reading. You will certainly be tested and you do not want to start the school year off with a failing grade. Then you are going to be digging yourself out of a hole from day one which is no fun for anyone. Do the work that is required of you so that you can excel and perform at a high level. You can start school before or after Labor Day weekend, but you want to make sure that you are getting in the right state of mind well before this holiday. You will be so happy that you are preparing to take on the battle that is this school year. 

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