School Vouchers: Do They Work?

School Vouchers: Do They Work?

Desegregation of Schools Programs

School vouchers has been a contentious point of conversation for many years. Some advocated for the use of school vouchers while others do not believe that they work even in the slightest. The facts seem to support the latter argument that these school vouchers simply do not work. There are several reasons for this and we are going to dive into some of those topics in this blog post. But the fact of the matter remains that the government is still funding programs such as these ones even if they do not work. So the questions we ask are why they are not working and how can we fix these programs so every single American gets an equal shot at an education. We know that separate does not mean equal, so we need to even the playing field. Sending children all the way across county lines has not worked and shows no promise in working. It is time to start finding the root of the problem so that we can eliminate it and start building toward a brighter future for all Americans. 

It is arguable that the term “school voucher” is just a polite way of saying that schools are becoming desegregated. In St. Louis, Missouri the desegregation of schools was incredibly popular during the early 2000s. Children from disadvantaged neighborhoods would be bussed out to schools in better neighborhoods in an attempt to desegregate the school and give the students a better shot at an education. The schools became desegregated but the students who were desegregating the schools were not getting a better education. Things were not turning around for them and even though they graduated, what they did with their diploma was miniscule in comparison to their white peers. This faux attempt to give students an education under the veil of decades of racism failed and will truly never work.

Rebuilding Communities and Schools

There is no easy fix to the issues but one start is to rebuild the communities. Instead of the government handing out vouchers to send children to schools that do not need anymore funding. It is time to start rebuilding the schools in the neighborhood that the children grow up in. It is a known fact that when there are good schools in a neighborhood, the community flourishes. More businesses open up because more students graduate and give back to the community that raised them. All across America there are abandoned schools in lower income neighborhoods. But when you go to the schools that have voucher programs there are hardly any abandoned building. It is problematic to wake a child up at 4:00 AM, bus them several minutes away to a neighborhood they cannot afford and then have them go to school. After they get out of school they go back to where they live which is far worse off then where they spent the last eight hours. It is a depressing sight and not something that insights a positive influence in the child. It starts with rebuilding the communities in which these children live instead of giving the smart kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods them school vouchers.

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